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In Person Or Virtual 4 Hour Coaching And Consultancy Intensive


A Coaching And Consultancy Intensive Is For You If You’re Ready To Attract More Ideal High-End Clients And Income

An Intensive Coaching And Consultancy Experience Will Accelerate Your Ability To: 

  • Elevate your Personal Brand to Position Yourself to Attract more Ideal High-End Clients
  • Supercharge your Earning Potential and Income
  • Elevate your Confidence, Self-Esteem, Self-Image and Self-Worth
  • Break free from Conscious and Unconscious Limiting Money Beliefs, Behaviours, Habits, Patterns and Challenges Sabotaging your Earning Potential, Income and Savings
  • Market Yourself and your Services more Successfully
  • Experience more Personal, Professional and Financial Empowerment, Fulfilment, Independence, Security and Freedom of Choice in Life

  • Pre-Coaching Preparation Form for you to specify your Desires and Goals for your Intensive
  • Money Personality and Characteristics Traits Assessment to Identify Limiting Beliefs, Behaviours, Habits, Patterns and Challenges
  • Personal Branding Assessment to Evaluate and Elevate Every Aspect of your Personal Brand
  • 4 Hours of Coaching and Consultancy Support
  • A Simplified and Practical Action Plan to Achieve your Specific Desires and Goals


Break Free from One Specific Money Challenge Relating to Business or Personal Finances that has been a Recurring Theme throughout your Business or Life

“Working with Valencia I have been able to package my services and increase my prices to double the fees I was charging before. I now have packages that start from £2500.”

Ea Ditlev
Webdesigner, Denmark

“After months of struggling with 'who is my niche', in one conversation Valencia was able to listen to what I said, then reflect back to me my message, with words that more fully captured and created what it was I was trying to say. Spending 5 minutes with Valencia will forever alter your WORLD”

Annemarie Milisen
Neurochemical Nutritionist
Denver Colorado

“Working with Valencia has made me feel really confident and excited about my business future! Overall working with Valencia was a total confidence and energy boost and provided me with a practical action plan to build my personal brand and market and sell myself and my services to attract more ideal high-end clients, collaboration partners and income.”

Film Director and Photographer

“As a result of working with Valencia, I got complete clarity on what business I wanted to focus on, who are my ideal clients and what niche I was going to choose to work in. I also packaged my services and I got complete clarity about how much I am charging for my services. Working with Valencia has given me a simplified approach to building and running my business. I also have an easy to implement action plan to attract more ideal high-end clients and to achieve my income goals for my business.”

Complimentary Therapist

"I am now more aware of my underlying beliefs around money and how this correlates with my emotions and thought patterns and what I have experienced in my business and life. The whole experience was very healing and at the end of the session I felt a really positive shift. I'm now feeling empowered and excited knowing which traits I can leverage and which traits I can adopt to become financially independent and experience more financial success in my business and life."

Christina Soeberg
Health and Lifestyle Coach

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