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In 90 Days Intensive Coaching and Consultancy
Support Package

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“Working with Valencia I have been able to package my services and increase my prices to double the fees I was charging before. I now have packages that start from £2500.”

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This Coaching And Consultancy Container Will Compress Your Timeline To:

Expand into your next level of financial empowerment, fulfilment, independence, security and freedom as a more money conscious and money empowered woman, CEO and entrepreneur

Achieve your income desires and goals activating your higher self identity, self-image and self-concept leveraging your unique money strengths, gifts and opportunities

Elevate your money mindset to align with charging premium fees and attracting more ideal premium clients through money conscious messaging that elevates your marketability factor

Elevate your marketing and sales skills with a soul aligned and soul led strategy that is authentic, conscious, ethical and in integrity for you

Expand your earning, spending, saving and investing potential 

Identify your conscious and unconscious limiting money beliefs, blind spots and blocks 

Break free from your conscious and unconscious limiting money beliefs, behaviours, habits, patterns and challenges diving deeper into your shadow work and inner work 

Heal deep money wounds and worthiness wounds at a deep soul level and free yourself from money shame, imposter syndrome, blame, guilt, self-image, self-worth and self-value  issues

Establish healthy money boundaries in your business and life 

Create a healthy life/work balance that doesn’t compromise your health and well-being, family and relationships 

Create a soul aligned life and business combining simplicity, structure and organisation and the luxury of time freedom that enable you to honour your most important values 

Master managing your money and elevate your financial and emotional well-being eliminating money anxiety, stress and debt





• Pre Coaching Preparation Form for you to Specify your Desires and Goals for your Intensive 

• Welcome Pack and Workbook 

• Half Day Coaching and Consultancy Intensive

• Money Personality and Characteristics Traits Assessment 

• 2 * 30 Minute Coaching and Consultancy Sessions a Month to keep you Accountable and In Action To Accelerate your Ability to Achieve your Specific Desires and Goals

• Email Accountability Check In Between Coaching Sessions To Keep You Accountable and In Action To Implement What We Coach On 




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