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In 90 Days Intensive Coaching and Consultancy
Support Package

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“Working with Valencia I have been able to package my services and increase my prices to double the fees I was charging before. I now have packages that start from £2500.”

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This 90 Day Coaching And Consultancy Support Package Is For You If You’re Ready To Accelerate Your Ability To:


Transform your relationship with money and experience your next level of financial empowerment, fulfilment, independence, security and freedom of choice in life

Break free from money challenges that have been a recurring theme throughout your business and life

Discover your money blind spots costing you in lost clients, income and profitable opportunities

Break free from conscious and unconscious limiting money beliefs, behaviours, habits, patterns and challenges and run your business more productively and profitably

Fast track making more money with clarity, confidence and integrity and  without compromising your health and well-being, mental health, family and relationships 

Charge what you’re worth and break free from overworking, undercharging and under earning

Master managing your money and how you earn, spend, save and invest 

Break free from emotional spending and unconscious spending

Significantly increase the amount of money you can save 

Accelerate your ability to pay off debt and stay out of debt




This Coaching And Consultancy Support Package Includes:

• Pre Coaching Preparation Form for you to Specify your Desires and Goals for your Intensive 

• Welcome Pack and Workbook 

• Half Day Coaching and Consultancy Intensive

• Money Personality and Characteristics Traits Assessment 

• 12 * 30 Minute Coaching and Consultancy Sessions to keep you Accountable and In Action Every Week To Accelerate your Ability to Achieve your Specific Desires and Goals

• Email Access Support

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