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In 90 Days Intensive Coaching And Consultancy
Support Package


This 90 Day Coaching And Consultancy Support Package Is For You If You’re Ready To Accelerate Your Potential To:

Elevate your personal brand and maximise your marketability factor to attract more ideal premium clients embodying your higher self identify, self-image, self-concept and self-worth

Elevate and expand how you represent yourself being 100% authentically YOU fully self-expressed as your multi-faceted, multi-dimensional, multi-passionate and multi-talented self 

Leverage your conscious and unconscious talents, knowledge, skillsets, experience, expertise, gifts and strengths and  eliminate your conscious and unconscious challenges and weaknesses 

Increase your influence, impact and income

Identify your most authentic and lucrative niche and elevate yourself as a specialist and expert in your industry 

Stand out with distinction for your competitive edge, distinction, authenticity, personality, energy, style, substance, soul and spirit

Elevate your image and signature style to be on brand to represent you and your higher self as a woman, CEO and entrepreneur 

Establish more credibility, professionalism and trust as the face and voice of your brand and increase your visibility with more clarity and confidence

Create a signature service premium offer suite that enables you to market and sell yourself and your services with more simplicity and success

Elevate your presence on social media with authentic soul aligned and soul led messaging that elevates your content creation and captures your true personality, energy, soul and spirit

Create a first class brand experience and client experience 

Master your brand development and management with clarity, confidence, intention  and simplicity




• Pre-Coaching Preparation Form for you to Specify your Desires and Goals for your Intensive

• Welcome Pack and Workbook 

• Half Day Private Coaching and Consultancy Intensive

• Personal Branding Audit to Evaluate and Elevate Every Aspect of your Personal Brand 

• Branding with Archetypes Assessment to Identify your Competitive Advantage and how you Stand Out in your Industry

• 2 * 30 Minute Coaching and Consultancy Sessions Each Month to keep you Accountable and In Action to Accelerate your Ability To Achieve your Specific Desires and Goal

• Email Accountability Check In Between Coaching Sessions To Keep You Accountable and In Action To Implement What We Coach On 


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