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Are you a woman entrepreneur, coach or consultant wanting to attract more ideal premium clients and earn the income you truly desire on your terms with more financial independence and time freedom? 

If you answered “YES” I can help you achieve it in a more compressed timeline.


Hi, I’m Valencia,

I know you’re a multifaceted, multidimensional, multi-passionate and multitalented woman with a unique skillset and a depth of knowledge, experience and expertise.

I also know you’re highly likely to not be fully self expressing your true authentic self and all your talents, strengths and gifts and representing yourself to your highest potential to attract more ideal premium clients that you’re already qualified to serve. 

I know this because you have unique personality and characteristics traits that consciously and unconsciously influence and impact your beliefs, conditioning and programming that result in predictable actions, behaviours, habits, patterns, strengths, challenges, motivators, drivers and values that predict how you’re likely to represent yourself and your personal brand and how you operate in your business, relationships and in your financial life illuminating opportunities to elevate yourself  to attract more premium ideal clients and expand your earning, spending, saving and investing potential, financial independence and time freedom. 

You’re in the perfect place if you’re ready to attract more ideal premium clients with authenticity, ethically and integrity being your most true authentic and higher self with clarity, confidence, simplicity and a soul aligned business strategy based on your unique personality, talents, gifts and strengths. 

Identifying and cultivating talent in real authentic and genuine pure hearted souls that are highly sensitive, empathic and intuitive and are often also introverted and super private,  deep thinkers and soul searchers that invest in their personal and professional development and identifying their untapped income potential working with more ideal premium clients with a soul aligned business and life is my speciality…if this is you lets connect. 

Valencia. x

I Work With Clients Worldwide Via Phone, Skype and Zoom. 

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Supercharge Your Self-Image, Self-Worth and Earning Potential

In 90 Days Private Coaching and Consultancy Program

If you’re ready to attract more ideal premium clients as a highly sensitive, empathic, intuitive woman coach or consultant even if you’re an introvert and super private person your services can be in demand now more than ever.

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