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In 90 Days Intensive Coaching and Consultancy
Support Package


This 90 Day Coaching And Consultancy Support Package Is For You If You’re Ready To:

Dress for success with a signature style and image that authentically represents YOU and your PERSONAL BRAND 

Stand out authentically and with distinction for your unique style, personality, character, individuality, energy and vibe

Break free from limiting beliefs, conditioning and programming sabotaging your self-image, self-worth and relationship with money

Break free from limiting beliefs, behaviours, habits, patterns and  challenges sabotaging you from looking and feeling your best 

Elevate your confidence, self-esteem, self-image and self-worth and significantly up-level how you see yourself and value yourself 

Supercharge your confidence and visibility as the face and voice of your brand

Maximise your marketability factor expressing your true authentic self 

Increase your influence, impact and income

Build your Signature On-Brand Capsule Wardrobe with clothes you love that represent you as a business woman that charges high-end fees 

Elevate your website and social media presence with on-brand photographs and videos that represent you authentically as a business woman that Knows Her worth, charges what she’s worth and get’s paid for her true value and worth

This Coaching And Consultancy Support Package Includes:

Pre-Coaching Preparation Form for you to Specify your Desires, Goals and outcomes for your Intensive

• Welcome Pack, Workbook and Assessments

• Half Day Coaching and Consultancy Intensive

• Image and Personal Style Assessment 

• 12* 30 Minute Coaching and Consultancy Sessions to keep you Accountable and in Action to Accelerate your Ability to Achieve your Desires and Goals

• Email Accountability Check In Between Coaching Sessions To Keep You Accountable and In Action to Implement What We Coach On

• Email Access Support

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