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by Ea Marie, Personal Growth Coach

“I wanted clarity about how to use my multi-passions and multi-talents as my strength in my business without confusing my potential clients. In my 30-minute coaching session with Valencia she shared with me how I can combine my multi-passions and multi-talents and all of my creativity into a cohesive brand and business into service offerings that my ideal high-end clients will value and invest in.”

I also feel more confident and excited knowing who are my ideal high-end clients and why they will see the value in everything I have to offer when in the past I have had a lot of resistance to it!
Valencia also reflected back to me what my marketing message could be to capture the true value of everything my clients would experience as a result of working with me!
I would also like to share that the past two days have been really challenging for me and I’ve been crying all the time. My energy and mood have been low these days and I feel overwhelmed and hopeless at times and just wanted to regain my energy and my coaching session with Valencia has been so amazing for me! I feel so much more positive about my future right now and I really needed that and I really feel an energetic shift within myself! know I will be able to go to sleep feeling a lot happier and a lot better tonight! I’m really excited to be able to move forwards in my business with more clarity, confidence, passion and purpose!

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