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As a trained and certified Image Consultant, also trained in Self-Image Psychology and Body Image Coaching, Personal Branding Consultant, Money Breakthrough Coach and Certified NLP Practitioner and also from my own personal experience I have a deep understanding of the powerful link between a woman’s self-image, self-worth and earning potential.

There is no doubt that when a woman changes her self-image and how she perceives herself, feels about herself and values herself it has an immediate positive impact on her level of confidence, self-esteem, self-worth, enthusiasm, motivation, personal drive, relationships, business, career, income, finances, health and well-being, environment and aspirations, goals and values in life.

The truth is your self-image and self-worth is not defined by your earning potential, however when you experience not being able to earn an income that really supports you to feel financially independent and secure as a woman it can greatly impact your self-image and self-worth.

Women are more likely to sabotage our earning potential because of self-image and self-worth issues and not recognising, owning and valuing our true value and worth.

We all experience our own versions of not feeling beautiful enough, good enough, talented enough, knowledgeable enough, skilled enough, experienced enough, ready enough or worthy enough especially when we are striving to increase our income and achieve our next level personal, professional and financial desires and goals.

The online world and social media can also greatly impact our confidence, self-esteem. self-image and self-worth and lead to insecurity, limiting beliefs, self-doubt and fears about feeling good enough especially as we’re exposed to more and more images of perceived perfectionism that can dangerously lead us into playing the comparison game.

How can you start the journey of supercharging your self-image, self-worth and earning potential?

It all starts with looking within yourself and recognising everything about you that you love.

You should also take the time to list everything you value about yourself and everything you uniquely have to offer.

What do you love about your appearance?

What are your talents?

What are your passions?

What are your skillsets?

What topics do you have the most knowledge in?

What are your best attributes?

What your most positive personality and characteristic traits?

You will find that once you start having a more positive self-image and start recognising and owning your true value and worth you will find yourself attracting other people that are attracted to your self-image that recognise and value your true value and worth too and everything you uniquely have to offer.

When you can change how you perceive yourself and you can recognise everything you uniquely have to offer it will have an incredible impact on your self-image, self-worth and earning potential.

I’ll love to hear from you! Let me know which steps you will be taking action on implementing for yourself?

If you want to find out more info about how i can help you build your personal brand to attract more premium ideal clients, income and profitable opportunities schedule a complimentary Supercharge Your Earning Potential 30 Minute Breakthrough Consultation.

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