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Our beliefs in life control the choices and decisions we make and ultimately we will create our destiny based on our beliefs in ourselves and in life.

Beliefs can be empowering and help us to feel happy, beautiful, confident and positive in life and therefore enable us to feel free to be ourselves and live our life to our full potential. On the other hand beliefs can be disempowering and can cause us to feel unhappy, unattractive, unconfident and negative in life, limiting beliefs stop us from attempting to move forwards to take action to achieve our goals and believe that it is possible to achieve what we truly desire leaving us feeling trapped by our current circumstances.

Our abilities, our possibilities, our expectations in life for ourselves and for others, our relationships, our education and our career choices in life are all influenced by our beliefs. If we have positive empowering beliefs in ourselves and life we are more likely to have loving family relationships, a good attitude to the importance of education, a good choice of career options or a mind set for entrepreneurship and starting our own businesses and creating our own possibilities. We are also more likely to only choose to have healthy and positive relationships in our lives.

We form our beliefs as the result of our experiences but equally our beliefs form our experiences. Even the most powerful beliefs are changeable and with this knowledge it is in our best interest to choose to only keep the empowering beliefs that help us to create the results we want in our life and if we don’t like the results we are getting in our lives then it is time to take control and change our attitude, our beliefs and our behaviour to start creating the results we truly desire in our lives.

The sooner we open our minds to changing our beliefs we are on a journey to creating positive change in all areas of our lives as once our beliefs are changed in one area of our life we soon start opening up our minds to understanding that we can change our beliefs in all areas of our life and therefore our thinking patterns change to being inspired and empowered to create positive change in all other areas of our life and this will not only have a positive impact on our own life but will also positively impact our children, our families and our friends as often when we see such a powerful change in someone we are obviously inspired and empowered and will usually start thinking about changes we would like to make in ourselves and our own lives. This positive change will also have a positive influence in our community and in society.

There is no limit to what can be achieved in life, and whether your someone who didn’t focus your attention fully in school and didn’t achieve the results you wanted or if you’re a single mum on benefits feeling like you haven’t got many options, or if you’re a mum and wife struggling with juggling all the day to day responsibilities and feeling stressed out with having little time for yourself, or if your someone who has never really felt you have the confidence to do what you really want to do in life, with an open mind, a clear focus, commitment and determination everyone no matter what their past or current circumstances are has the power inside themselves to create powerful positive changes in their lives enabling them to be the person they want to be and live the life they truly desire.

We truly are the creators of our own destiny and must use this knowledge to create the life of our dreams.

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