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The importance of dressing for success should not be underestimated and whether you’re attending a job interview, working in an office environment, or working in a creative industry, or are self-employed and running your own business there is no denying that to dressing to impress will not only increase your level of self-confidence, self-esteem and self-worth, your mindset in general and how you perceive yourself but it will also change how you’re perceived by other people.

Your personal style together with your appearance, the way you do your make up, your hair style, and personal grooming all send out a powerful message to the world and whether we think it is fair or not we will be judged on our first impression and likewise we often judge others on our first impression of them also.

When we make an effort with our appearance it sends out a clear message that we care about how we present ourselves and people will often have a good impression of us but on the other hand if we are seen to make little effort in our appearance people may assume that we will make little effort in other areas of our life, therefore it is important that we invest time in ourselves to ensure that the message we are portraying to the world through our image and personal style is the one that we intend to and the one that will get us the best results and open up the most opportunities for us.

The professional look has never been easier to create and keeping in mind that the best and most popular choices of colours to wear when choosing clothes to wear in a professional environment are grey, navy blue and black, adding a bright colour such as red which is the colour of confidence and attracts and holds attention can add a touch of glamour to a professional look, whether you choose to wear a fabulous pair of red high heel shoes or a red handbag or a red blouse or belt or even a bright red lipstick this will add an extra special touch of glamour to a formal and professional look.

Depending on what your working environment is you can look highly professional in beautifully stylish and tailored dresses and business suits, or choose one of the on-trend tailored blazers that look super stylish over a tailored dress or still look highly professional when choosing to wear it with a tailored pencil skirt or smart and stylish trousers and a beautiful satin or silk blouse or the all-time classic fitted white shirt, teamed with a beautiful stunning pair of high heel shoes and a stunning structured handbag with simple but beautiful accessories you will portray the polished professional look that will empower you with the confidence to succeed in your career or take your business to the next level.

If you’re working in a creative industry you can still look professional but you can be much more experimental and expressive with your clothes, shoes, and accessories and of course colours as well as being more experimental with your make-up and hairstyle.

Whether you’re into designer stores or high-street stores it’s easy to achieve a professional look whatever industry you work in and regardless of what your personal budget is, it’s possible to create a range of stylish looks to create an inspirational capsule wardrobe.

Having the right image for your industry is super important. It may be useful to ask yourself if you feel your image is a positive reflection of the industry you work in and if it reflects your true profession, personality, character, individuality and lifestyle and if you believe your image doesn’t it may be time to invest in yourself to discover or re-discover a new style that will reflect the best possible image of you and portray the person you truly are or the person you really want to be and you will no doubt feel more confident and empowered to achieve more of your personal, professional and financial desires and goals in life.

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