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Building your signature personal brand authentically is crucial if you have a desire or goal to increase your earning potential and income in 2019.

Your Personal Brand can attract your ideal clients, collaboration partners, referral partners and other profitable opportunities or close the door to someone that may want to do business with you or refer business to you now or in the future.

A simple rule to keep in mind when you’re building your personal brand is to be consious minded to make sure every element of your personal brand and everything that contributes to your personal brand communicates a clear and concise message about YOU….Your unique signature style, image, personality and character, attributes, passions, talents, knowledge, skillsets, experience and expertise.

These 5 simple steps will help you build your personal brand to supercharge your earning potential and income:

Step 1

Building your Personal Brand to represent yourself 100% authentically and expressing the real YOU…Your unique Signature Style, Personality and Character, Individuality, Voice, Beliefs, Opinions, Mannerisms and Expressions is super important…be yourself and feel free to fully express yourself.

It’s also super important to be conscious minded of this important rule when it comes to choosing a brand name for your business, building your website, choosing photos for your website and social media profile, creating your marketing message, creating your services, creating your signature service offerings such as signature coaching and consultancy packages and programs, naming your signature coaching and consultancy packages and programs, creating marketing materials and creating content for social media posts.

Respect, confidence, credibility, professionalism and trust is earned when you put your heart, mind and soul into building an authentic personal brand that truly represents the real YOU and when you create original content that has your name, personality and character, unique voice and energy written all over it.

Step 2

Your personality, character and reputation are equally if not more important than your talents, knowledge, skillsets, experience and expertise. Allow people get to know the real YOU.

Build your network and engage in connecting to build real authentic and genuine connections and relationships in person and online. We can all attract more of our ideal clients, referral partners, collaboration partners and profitable opportunities just through building and leveraging our network.

Step 3

Invest in a website if you haven’t already. Having a professional website is important for people to find out more information about you and your services.

It’s super important that your website represents you 100% authentically and enables people to get a real insight into who you are, who you provide your services to, the specific results you help your clients to achieve and the specific problems and challenges you help them resolve, the specific services you offer and how clients can work with you.

Step 4

Build your credibility as a specialist and expert in your industry writing relevant and helpful content-rich articles, blog posts and social media posts on your topics of expertise.

Sharing your passions, talents, knowledge, skillsets, experience and expertise through writing will enable you to get known, liked and trusted, become more influential and make a positive impact all while positioning you to be able to attract more of your ideal clients and increase your earning potential and income.

Step 5

Social media is a great way to become more visible and yet sometimes having an online presence can have the opposite effect in attracting the wrong attention.

Leverage social media and increase your visibility as the face and voice of your brand even if its just through your written words feel free to express your true personality, character and energy to make it super easy for people to understand who you are, what you’re about and the value you deliver that they will benefit from when they connect and stay connected with you through your photos and the content you share.

It’s also crucial to remember that the transparency of having an online presence means that you must be aware and conscious minded about what you’re sharing on social media because everything you post, share and comment on gives people an insight into your personality, character, reputation and energy and either adds value or devalues your reputation and personal brand.

I’ll love to hear from you! Let me know which steps you will be taking action on implementing for yourself? 

If you want to find out more info about how i can help you build your personal brand to attract more premium ideal clients, income and profitable opportunities schedule a complimentary Supercharge Your Earning Potential 30 Minute Breakthrough Consultation. 

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